ICP is now down 99% from its ATH. After a once-valuation of $45b and 300M+ Funding to start.


With the recent slump, due to nobody’s suprise ICP moved further down and is now officially 99% down from its ATH aka its starting price. People are calling LUNA a big failure but honestly just looking at the market cap and price action ICP is way worse. Also once in the top 10, on seventh place with a market cap of 45b to debut with and even before that a $300M+ VC funding to start with.

ICP has always been hated from the community due to its clearly scummy nature being founded by many not so loyal people to Crypto and being highly centralized. The only difference between LUNA and ICP is that LUNA once lived up to its valuation.

Crypto is not all about the value you see in market caps etc. It’s also the utility and how much people will actually like it to say it in an idiotic way.

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