I you want to gamble into random shitcoin put 10$ into it, not half of your life savings.


I will never understand why some people put few k $ or even much more in some random shitcoin. Some of them even go all in one coin and ignore everything else, cause they think it will make them multimilionaires. It is terrible idea to do it. I am risking 10/20$ if I gamble on shitcoins or memecoins ( also not more than 10% of my portfolio). I like it, cause at worst case I lose 10/20$ and at best I will find next x100 or x1000 coin. I would never put everything in it, like unfortunately many people do. If you have few k$ or more then invest in safe coins, divide it into BTC, ETH and some altcoins. At least you do not risk they will be rug pulled or go down -99%.

I think those people wake up one day, accidentaly read about some shitcoin in the internet and decide it is good to put everything they have into it. And later they act suprised if coin is scam, rugpull or just go down like most coins do. Sometimes of course it work. But either oerson that put few k are milionaires, so they do not risk much or they had dumb luck. Many people YOLO their homes or lifesavings into shiba over last few months. They are rich as hell now, but it doesn’t change that they acted like gambling addicts or idiots. For every dumb luck milionaire is hundred dumb people that lost everything. And no, no one in crypto will feel any empathy if you will do anything like that. We saw it too many times. It is natural selection. If you are bad investor or have no experience you should learn more, not put more money. It should be obvious for anyone.

I understand sometimes we are curious about some coin or have good feelings about it without any reason. Doing this instead of proper DYOR is bad strategy in crypto, but if you really want to check what will happen invest 10/20$. In worst case you will learn a lesson to never listen to hour feelings when you invest. Or you will be lucky. If you will be lucky it doesn’t mean you should put more money into it. No one know future, everyone would be rich if we could predict future profits.

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