I want to sell some of my crypto to buy a land and plant trees


Guys, I want to withdraw some of my crypto. After a long period, I am finally in the green, even in a small profit.

I live in one of the poorest and most polluted countries in Europe.
Near the city where I live, a fellow citizen bought a large plot of land a few years ago and now wants to afforest it.

My goal is to sell some crypto and buy some land next to his, to revitalize the depleted soil by planting trees, save some animals and introduce diverse plant and insect life in the area.

I think this is the smartest thing I can do with my money. I can always DCA back my portfolio.

This project is ment to stay in the heretage of my city and the Earth for the future generations and the community. I will be ready to start the forestation in February if things go according to plan.

I will call it Crypto Forest.

Wish me luck.

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