I used to hate Mark Cuban, and love Elon Musk.


Now I hate Elon Musk, and love Mark Cuban. Before you begin with the downvotes, Elon Musk, was once loved by many as his ambition and accomplishments brewing in 2014-2016 seemed larger than life and almost miraculous. What I didn’t expect is Elon after opening his Twitter to be a self-absorbed ego centrical teenager who tarnished any legacy he had by shilling crypto.

Mark Cuban on the other hand was so ungodly arrogant and obnoxious after his Mavericks won in 2011, his over the top shark persona in his new hit reality show, but then he really changed it all around when when he opened his stadium and NBA team to crypto well before anyone else was sticking their reputation on the line. He’s an OG and deserves praise. It’s funny how things change!

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