I tried multiple ways to earn some free crypto that were suggested on this sub in the past.


So I’ve seen a lot of posts suggesting apps/tasks to earn free crypto and a week ago I decided I’ll give it a shot. Now the problem is that I live in a India so some of the things like coinbase earn isn’t available here. So, I’ll try to list the options I tried.

Brave Browser: Most of you probably have already heard and even use this one. Although it is legit and only way of earning BAT tokens, It’s not more than 5$ a month for me (remember the ads frequency depends on where you live). I’d still recommend because the browser itself is a lot better than chrome or firefox imo. If you use it on both pc and mobile, it just doubles the rewards (don’t forget to select ’10 ads per hour’ from the ads settings).

Presearch: The whole presearch project sounds interesting but in reality it’s not very convincing. They offer PRE tokens for using their search engine. Although the rewards are somewhat good (0.10 PRE/search) you can’t withdraw them until you reach 1000PRE and that part itself demotivated me from using it. I’ll literally have to use it for a year to withdraw anything (they have 30 paid searches per day limit)

GeoCash: So this project is also pretty interesting. It offers GEO tokens to the users who share their location data. It’s basically a marketplace of anonymous data that uses blockchain and respects users privacy. So, the more you travel the better the rewards would be. I personally don’t travel much and thus the rewards were low for me but you should give it a try.

Binance Tasks: So recently binance is giving 20$ worth of USDT for completing some simple trade tasks. I got 4$ by completing two of them. The min trade limit starts to grow exponentially when you complete them but you’ll still atleast get few USDTs.

Algorand Wallet and Governance: So the Algo wallet gives you some additional algo like interest if you hodl it. It’s not much but still better than fiat banks lol. And then there is Governance where you commit some Algos (no kin limit) and get opportunity to vote in some of the foundation’s decisions it’s like staking where you get rewards at end of the period. The first governance period is starting off in few hours so take a look if you haven’t already.

So that’s all for now, don’t forget to remind me if I missed something and recommend some more options down below. And create the fooking Reddit Vault so that you can get some moons for your contribution on this sub.

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