I took profits , it seems it’s scarier to sell than buy. Why is that


I took some profits after being up a bit and it really came at an opportune time in my life , I’m a firm believer on that “things happen for a reason “

But I was more anxious and uptight at selling than I was buying. I mean it doesn’t make sense; I buy and money comes out of my account and I’m left with the unknown and the possibility of losing that money; selling I get money added to my account and know that I already succeeded.

I guess the idea it could go a lot higher is always present but that’s basically living in greed. It could also dump and leave me with a loss.

Can’t count your chickens before they haha hatch and one in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Going to pay off some bills and hope my other holdings grow as well,

Hope everyone had a great Halloween

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