I took a look at most of BitBoy Crypto’s price predictions from the beginning of the year for entertainment, here’s how they actually held up:


BitBoy has one of the biggest crypto channels on YT (1.5 million subs) and is notorious for his moonish predictions and clickbait thumbnails. As always, DYOR and don’t trust any other person’s price predictions, there’s not a single person in the world that can predict these things. It’s your hard earned money, treat it with respect when investing.

BitBoy’s predictions for this year:

Bitcoin (BTC): 322000$ – ⛔WRONG Ethereum (ETH): 27000$ – ⛔WRONG Cardano (ADA): 9$ – ⛔WRONG Polkadot (DOT): 326$ – ⛔WRONG Binance (BNB): 249$ – ✅CORRECT LOL Chainlink (Link): 900$ – ⛔WRONG Stellar (XLM): 6$ – ⛔WRONG Costmos (Atom): 140$ – ⛔WRONG The Graph (GRT): 10$ – ⛔WRONG Aave: 7000$ – ⛔WRONG BAT: 3$ – ⛔WRONG Hedera (HBAR): 1$ – ⛔WRONG THETA: 24$ – ⛔WRONG Thorchain (RUNE): 25$ – ⛔WRONG (but close)

Please keep in mind that some exchanges may have had slightly different prices

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