I told my GF about my crypto investments and now I’m terrified.


She is the most supportive person I have ever met, and she believes in crypto as much as I do but always thought it would be too technical for her.

The problem is that I haven’t put much money into this, I already took profits surpassing the amount that I’ve put in and I’m basically throwing 10 bucks in whatever preagnant Sonic token appears.

Now she told me she wants to throw some money into it, I get excited and offer to help thinking she would want to put like 50-100 dollars into random stuff. Nope. Almost 10 grand.

I told her that with that amount she could just get some BTC or ETH and wait, but she wants to play shitcoins after seeing the growth of these. I warned her about pump and dumps and told her about squid, but she still wants to try it.

What do I do? Thinking of warning her of the risks and let her make her own decisions, but I don’t want to disappoint her.

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