I think if moons were pushed sitewide it would literally kill reddit.


There’s a glaring problem with the MOON system: It incentivizes people with nothing to contribute to post anyways, leading to spam and degraded content quality overall.

This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion since a lot of you are benefiting from the moon system but as somebody who’s been active in this sub for years it’s very obvious the negative impact moons have had on this sub over time.

The idea of the MOON system was to incentivize quality content by rewarding people who made popular posts/comments. In theory this system makes sense, especially combined with the governance aspects, and I think it was a worthwhile experiment. However, this is obviously not what’s happening in practice. You have people spamming 100s of short and largely useless comments 24/7 which are not even original and just something they saw get upvotes before or whatever. These are people who would’ve never ventured to comment before the moon system was in place because they don’t really have anything to say. “Karma whoring” has always been a sitewide issue but adding monetary incentive for it makes it 100x worse (shocking lol).

If you added this to every sub on the site you would annihilate every top community. IMHO the moons experiment has failed miserably. Its decreased content quality and basically ran off anybody who was making quality contribution regularly. Any genuine posters left are buried in spam comments/posts trying to farm moons.

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