I think CRO has the most potential of any platform coin. There, I said it!


BNB has plenty of headwind already, but that might be mostly due to timing. I think CRO is trying to actually innovate and bring crypto to the masses whereas BNB seems like it has more of a barrier to entry. I’m just a layman with my toe in the water, but based on what I’ve heard from those that have no stake in crypto and what I’ve seen in the real world (like ads in the mainstream media: Formula1, UFC, etc.), I think they’re in the best position to have newcomers adopt digital currency which is exactly what crypto needs to truly take off. We can all play around with shitcoin, sure that’s fun, but the fact is if we truly want crypto currency to be a thing, we need a large enough userbase for it to be actually useful and I think CRO is actually pushing towards that.

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