I started investing when I was 29, thanks to crypto I’m now 47!


Anyone else wake up in the middle of the night and check the charts?

Calculate how much something would be worth in ALGO rather than your fiat currency?

Perhaps a sneaky browse of CoinMarketCap.com while on shift at the fiat mines? Only to close it, and re open it a few minutes later – just in case.

Although I have learned a lot (and earned a lot) in my short time in this wild wonderful world – man has it been crazy! I have definitely developed some unhealthy tendencies which surely have not been good for my overall health.

I’m not even over invested… I am quite simply hooked!! Maybe it’s all the hype this year has brought, but to those of you who can DCA in and go on with their lives, I salute you. To those of you who day trade or swing trade, the size of your cajónes scares me. And to those of you who check the charts once every five minutes…. they better be the 30 second charts!

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