I spent 6 hours reading through posts from 2017 to analyze highly shilled coins. Here’s the highlight (Viewer discretion is advised)


As someone entering crypto market this year, I wonder how’s the sub was back in the 2017 bull run.

So I dig through highly upvoted posts that ask “Your favorite coin?”, “Good coin to hold long term?”, something like that.

Here are the highlights:

Exhibit A

Posted 02 Jan 2018

This is posted on 02 Jan 2018. Apparently few days before everything peaked then collapsed.

I can’t see the original post since it’s deleted, but the highest upvoted comments has this in their recommendation:

Price at the time Price now XRB (NANO) 33.69 3.93 (-89%) REQ 0.809 0.56 (-30%) XBY 0.64 0.0005 (-99.9%) XLM 0.55 0.29 (-47%) TRX 0.08 0.091 (+13%) LEND (AAVE) 0.197 * 100 = 19.7 189.51 (+961%) IOTA 4.09 1.19 (-70%) ENG 5.33 0.087 (-98%) ICX 6.71 1.31 (-80%) ETH 876 4378 (+499%)

LEND changed its name to AAVE, but re-denominated x100.

Also the second most upvoted comment in that thread also highly recommend ENG:


Lots of other comments are shilling XRB / Railblock (Nano) too.

Let’s look at another thread

Exhibit B


This is posted on 21 Dec 2017. Let’s look at how each shilled coins are doing:

Note: I no longer list the coin I have mentioned above. Raiblock is XRB.

Price at the time Price now BTC 16,355 50,915 (+311%) ELIXR No longer tracked, dead coin QASH 0.97 0.064 (-93%) ARK 7.86 1.36 (-82%) DASH 1,473 138.3 (-90%) POWR 1.21 0.498 (-58%) WaBi 1.76 0.217 (-87%) PRL no longer tracked, dead coin

ELIXR price based on /u/Beneficial_Ad5153: $2.21 at peak. $0.0016 before it’s dead.

Exhibit C


This is posted in 30 Jun 2017. They were in the middle of bull run and this guy is angry that the sub only talk about price action. Which I feel the same thing happening now.

He mentioned coin with good tech like Ardor, Ubiq, and NEM. Let’s see where they are now:

Price at the time Price now Ardor 0.224 (peaked at 2.04 on 15 Jan 2018) 0.278 (+24%) Ubiq 1.56 (peaked at 6.82 on 03 Jan 2018) 0.197 (-87%) NEM 0.16 (peaked at 1.79 on 03 Jan 2018) 0.1383 (-13%)

Ardor and NEM actually perform well if you bought at Jun 2017. But I’m guessing a lot more people are buying in December to January.


With the data shown above, we need to remind everyone again that we don’t know shit about fuck.

Don’t solely use this sub to find out what altcoin you should buy. Cross check from various sources!

Build your conviction. If your conviction is strong, you will keep buying that coin even when it dipped hard.

How to build conviction? You need to fully understand what your coin does.

Not a financial advice.

Extra Fun Fact

When reading through a lot of comments from 2017, I noticed that few users have their vault opened. I’m guessing they quit crypto entirely after the crash and never return.

Because if they do return, it’s likely that they gonna visit this sub.

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