I sold today


I really love cryptocurrency. But today I did sell everything, not forever but just to take some time off. Crypto can be really exciting. Crypto can be really stressful. And in the last couple of days I made more money than I usually make in a year.

And then I wanted to make more. And I stayed up at night to check the charts and read the news and youtube, just to make more money.

And I thought: When will it be enough? Do I need to sell the absolute top or can I just enjoy the profit now? I needed time to relax.

And I was good at crypto, I knew about every coin and every chart and could predict exactly what was going to pump next. But for now I have enough.

You rarely hear people say that they have enough. They always want more and 10x gains, then 100x gains and then they lose it all in the bear market. I don’t think the bear market is coming yet, but I needed a break. Rant over.

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