I sold most of my shitcoins at a loss today but I actually feel better NOT holding bags.


So I’m seeing bitcoin dominance going up and my shitcoins are bleeding more and more, so to save the headache of my failure I decided to sell them and buy more BTC.

I put some significant money in buying alts all the way down to where we are now over the past two months and it’s a really sucky feeling but at the time I thought “wow these are on great discounts!”

How wrong was I

SOL: average price 92.00 Shit ass blockchain doesn’t even know what time it is. SOLD

LRC: average price 1.77 Go GameStop! Aaaaand pumps gone, so am I SOLD

ADA: average price .77 not a bad price to be in and I sold my bag at 3.00 so it’s Kharma so I HODL and average down.

Ethereum: Average price: 2500.00 it will go back up right? 8k EOY! Anyways it’s along term hold so I’ll average down and DCA.

So I used the sold money to get more Bitcoin at 28,600. Bringing my Average bitcoin buy to 29,800 and I get to use some losses at tax time.

Moral of the story is heavy bags are heavy and sometimes it helps to lighten the load…I feel better, watch LRC pump to 1.00 and I will hate myself again.

Edit: I use the term shitcoin in jest, a long time ago anything that wasn’t Bitcoin was a shitcoin. I love Ethereum so don’t flame me.

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