I sold all my ADA for ATOM…


ADA has been a bunch of empty promises. I’ve been on the fence on Cosmos for quite some time, but following all of the recent updates to the cosmos network, it seems to be having an increase in usage in the crypto world.

ADA has a bunch of “potential” and seems to always be the next big move but nothing ever happens.

Did I overreact by selling all? Should I keep a small amount of ADA instead? I truly believe that this is the last time ATOM will be this low and with this potential bull run, cosmos will be in the low 100s very soon.

I’m not wrinkled, I do my own research in these subs and I put a lot of trust in y’all’s DD. Did I do right or am I victim to FOMO?

Edit: thank you all for taking the time to enlighten me and give me some insight. To clarify things, I bought 8 months ago and held the entire time. I don’t day trade and not looking for a quick buck. But after thinking about it, 8 months is not a proper time table and was selfish of me to say it’s not moving enough. I will DCA back into ADA next paycheck and start building it back up.

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