I sold 20% of my crypto two weeks ago. My screen time on my phone went down 70% the following week and another 40% the week after – total screen time loss of 82%.


I’ve never really cared about screen time, but I got the notification on my phone this morning about having a 40% decrease in screen time over the last week and thought that was a big number, so I got curious and decided to go look into the details. Turns out I had an even far more significant decrease in screen time the previous week of 70% and it was pretty eye-opening. Of course, the overwhelming majority of this lost screen time was under “Productivity & Finance” a.k.a. constantly checking the charts.

I’m making a big cross-country move in a few weeks and I wanted to take out a chunk of my profits in order to make the move and everything along with it basically “free”. This has been my plan for the last few months, but I had no idea how freeing it would be to finally have all my patience come to fruition.

But what I also didn’t know was how often I was checking prices on my phone – probably what a lot of people would consider to be obsessively. But it makes me happy to realize that now that I’ve taken enough profits to have no worries about the immediate future, that I’m no longer obsessing over every damn fluctuation in price and worrying about whether or not right now is the best time to pull the trigger or not.

Now I’m just hodling without a care or worry in the world like all good hodlers should do, and it feels pretty damn good.

I shared this because I didn’t have any awareness whatsoever of my behavior when it came to checking the charts, and I’m hoping that this can help others become more mindful regarding their own behavior when checking their portfolios as well.

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