I sent my father BTC on our birthday birthday


Long story short: my father, who lives in Turkey, and I share the same birthday. He’s a financially conservative person so on our birthday I decided to send him a birthday gift in terms of BTC. It would rile him up a bit but also give us some good laughs as well as additional father-son conversations on something I’m passionate about. It took me an hour on FaceTime to walk him through to sign up for Coinbase, lol.

As you can imagine I’m a crypto nerd whereas he’s an Index fund veteran. At his age I totally get that. At the time 1BTC was about 390,000 liras. I told him that my gift will keep on giving as BTC will reach to 1M by the end the of the year. He said I’m nuts but at least my gift made him research ETH and other alt coins and he put some of his own money to it as well.

Today, as lira collapses, his holdings worth more than twice his initial investment. Just in short several months, crypto created a safe haven for him, and also led to many conversations I’d fondly remember for years.


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