I saw most of you saying you were here for the long term 1 year ago. Will you stick to your plan or panic and sell at a loss?


One of the most important things when investing is to stick to your plan and let emotions aside. That means not falling for FOMO and greed as well as not falling for panic and ending up selling at a loss.

1 year ago I saw a lot of people, especially in this sub, claiming to be here for the long term. As we all know, time in the market beats timing the market. But in times like these, it’s very easy (in particular for beginners) to panic and letting your emotions control your investment decisions.

That’s why I encourage you to stick to your plan and not panic. If you have a diversified portfolio with good projects, you will recover from this don’t worry. When in doubt, zoom out. It’s always been volatile, and you can’t expect to 10x if you can’t handle a +30% loss.

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