I recently figured out almost all my friends own crypto, yet we all kept it quiet.


I am studying at University in the UK but I am not British. I essentially moved here to study engineering in English as it has some sort of advantage over the rest.

Anyways, I came close to more people from my country and we obviously share a lot of common things. My surprise is when I am randomly checking this subreddit on my phone and one of my friends goes “oh, are you into crypto?”. I immediately got nervous thinking “ah damn, they’re all going to think I am a nerd of this now”; I said yes I own a full Ethereum and laughed – sike, I actually do – and he said “no way! I’ve been into crypto for a long while, my favourite alt is … (I´m not going to disclose it as I don’t want people to think I am shilling – it wasn’t dog related either).

We started talking about how awkward it feels to talk about crypto with others without a screen involved, and then… magic. Our conversation is overheard by the rest of the group, and turns out we all (5 of us) own crypto in some way.

We promised since that any money own by someone (after going out clubbing, buying dinner collectively, etc.) it shall get paid back in crypto lol

The funny thing is: we have been friends since at least 3 years ago, yet we all failed to know, realise or say that we have found out about crypto and it’s a cool concept.

I personally found it weird, how we all love crypto, the technology, the future it has but yet we deny ourselves to talk about it with even our closest friends. I guess we are all scared of giving advice that can turn out badly if the market bleeds.

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