I received my first BCH tip on Reddit yesterday! It was more user-friendly than I imagined.


Hi all!

Yesterday I received a $2 tip in BCH on Reddit. First I was a bit sceptical because I don’t like Bitcoin derivates, but that changed!

First I received this message:

u/ErdoganTalk has just sent you 0.00330933 Bitcoin Cash (about 2.05 USD) for your comment via chaintip!

To claim this tip*, reply to this private message with a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) receiving address.*

This will be remembered, allowing other users to send BCH straight to you next time.

If you don’t have a BCH wallet, you can get one free here”

After this message I had to give my BCH adress (I used my Binance BCH adress). First I thought that this was a scam, but after some research I found that it was actually legit on Reddit!

In less then 2 minutes I received my tip on Binance and the fee was very little (less then 0,01 euros). I didn’t expect that it would be that smooth! BCH is a really user-friendly cryptocurrency and it changed my view of it.

Thanks again for the tip u/erdogantalk ! <3

Who else got experience with the BCH tipping system on Reddit? Let me know what you guys think!

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