I really don’t understand the hatred and tribalism between blockchains. Enjoy the diversity and let them all exist in peace


Every blockchain community is very hostile to every other blockchain community and I find that very weird and counterproductive for this market.

Every chain has that one task it shines in above all and up until now there is no chain that is perfect so we need multiple options on the market to resolve that issue.

You can’t have decentralization, security and scalability all together in one chain which is why this diversity is healthy.

Ethereum is great at decentralization and security. Solana has super fast transaction speeds although its very centralized. Concordium although new is a great choice for privacy and scalability combines since they use zk proofs. Cardano is also very good when it comes to decentralization and should be witnessing the introduction of more dApps soon.

I know that competition is always healthy cause it drives more innovation in hopes of one-upping the other. However its really bad when that competition turns into tribalism. I literally use 4 L1s at this point and I’m actually very happy with that and I’ll keep doing this until we get an L1 that can do it all.

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