I rather not share crypto thoughts with family / friends


I like the world of cryptocurrency. I like the economics, the technology, the investing experience and the feeling of being part of some new emerging movement. It’s almost like a hobby of mine which I’m passionate about. And for that, I sometimes slip my thoughts to family members or friends.

My experiences with this have been mixed. On one hand, it’s cool to share your thoughts and speculations with one another. Some predictions and opinions can vary wildly and that’s good. On the other hand, however, the conversations can turn sour. Ending in the always-to-ask question “……so, how much you got?”.

And I rather do not answer those kinds of questions. I have done so in the past. During dips, you get remarks in the likes of “Guess that crypto is not the future after all, huh?”. During bullish times, people try to get me to sell (part of) my assets for a quick buck and “live life”. Everyone has their own investment strategy and I’m okay with that, but the way this “advice” is delivered has a pushy tone. And because of that, I rather do not talk with family / friends about the matter, unless we keep things about property private. What do you think?

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