I opened 30 Crypto.com loot boxes from missions so you don’t have to.


It’d be pretty hard by now to not have heard of crypto.com thanks to their aggressive marketing. For those who use their main app, you may have noticed the “Missions” page which refreshes daily with the same three missions;

1) Check the Missions page (1 diamond reward) 2) Trade $20 USD worth of crypto (5 diamond reward) 3) Trade $500 USD worth of crypto (60 diamond reward)

Using 25 of these rewarded diamonds you can buy “Loot Boxes” which supposedly contain up to 1,000 CRO rewards.

I’ve opened 30 of them, never once seeing a box better than silver – and my highest reward was 1.2 CRO.

On average I received 0.7 CRO per loot box.

In conclusion, unless you’re trading every day – I wouldn’t go out of your way like I did to complete the missions, but the passive CRO rewards can be nice on the days you do your DCA.

How have you fared with the loot? Have you seen a coveted platinum loot box?

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