I missed my family for minimum wage pay on the 4th today, hoping for moonshots so this bullshit ends.


Fucked up my car, broke my cigarette I tried to light after I fucked it up. Then I went in to work food service desperately understaffed. Burned my hand and nearly got fucked out of $30-40 through a technical glitch. After 20 minutes with my manager I was able to ensure my minimum wage was secured.

Here’s hoping this new dream, not the American dream (that’s long fucking dead), comes true. The dream we’re all hoping for. Shitcoin express to the moon!

I’m confident one day I’ll get to visit Europe. Help my friends out of their abusive situations. Help my parents pay off the house so they can get better times. Just gotta HODL. Idk, maybe this doesn’t belong here, but good fucking luck to you all! Here’s hoping we can make shit happen.

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