I messaged the Doge scammer so you don’t have to:


Parenthesis indicate my comment to you about his message

Me: Hi l’d like to buy 20K doge coins

Albotrax: Hi

Albotrax: 10k per each person sorry (why?)

Albotrax: if you have friend i can do 20k (yea, that makes sense)

Me: Ok can I buy 10K

Albotrax: Ok $70 man

Albotrax: btc or Itc

Me: Any reason you can’t do cash? I have PayPal, Venmo, etc?

Albotrax: Paypal/ Venmo for buying crypto = scam (how????)

Me: Ok I feel the same way about crypto for crypto, as it’s anonymous but if you insist, I can do LTC

Me: How does this work?

Albotrax: LTC network

Albotrax: Doge network

Albotrax: MAWnrVp6Jb5vpPudSBspM7kZEbgNRhL 7X4 (his Litecoin address, which has 30+ transfers in and then right out and is currently empty)

Albotrax: LTC address let me know and send me your doge address

Me: How do I know I’Il receive the dogecoin?

Albotrax: jbjbkb

Albotrax: this is my nickname on paxful my friend

Albotrax: Im expert trader (LOLOLOL)

Albotrax: im on reddit 10 years (sure, buddy)

Me: 10K doge coin is worth $600

Me: Why are you selling it for $70

Albotrax: Dude you are wasting my time (immediately hostile)

Albotrax: Good luck

Me: Ok Seeya later

Albotrax: Im not doing any transfers with low life people (why the hostility?)

Albotrax: Bye

Me: Bye

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