I may not be rich but my crypto gains payed for my moms medical care!


I honestly did not have much invested in crypto I’m new to this investment space. But the little money I did put in has gained enough to allow me to do the one most important thing in the world. That is pay for my moms medical treatment.

She just went into the hospital last night and it was a very stressful and life threatening situation. After a long night and tests and treatment she is doing ok. Everything is not 100 percent yet but we should get there in the next few day. Besides being stressed and scared for her health and safety. The medical deductibles and hospital costs after insurance pays that will follow in the next few weeks. where making my stomach twist with even more anxiety as like the most of us money is tight. I already work two jobs since my father passed earlier this year to make sure my moms retirement stays at a good comfortable situation for her.

But I found happiness and joy in the fact that once o thought about it longer I found the solution. I sold my crypto for my mom. I know little by little I will claw my way back in my crypto holdings but to me having my mothers future medical bill that will be comping in the mail shortly already sorted out. Has given me much joy. One less thing to worry about.

It may not be a lambo but it’s a god sent to me!

Have a great day all! I wish everyone health, happiness, and future wealth!

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