I made 30 times more than the minimum wage in my country with Moons


I’m 52nd on the Moon leaderboard for the last 30 days. This round I received 2920 Moons which are approximately worth 500 US Dollars. This is an insane amount of money where I currently live (Bangladesh).

Just to give some insight, The minimum wage in my country is approximately equal to 17 dollars a day. By posting in this subreddit and spending an hour or two a day, I made 30x the national minimum wage.

The absurd thing is, I made a 260% return in 6 months on my Crypto investments since late May. While the local banks offer you 1% interest while the inflation rate here is 6%.

The amount of people that have had their lives completely changed because of this subreddit alone is insane. Even people in developed countries are having their lives improved because of Crypto.

Digital payments such as Paypal, gift cards or international credit cards are almost impossible to access where I live. Crypto is the only thing that I can access. I don’t know what to say except thank you all for holding and promoting Crypto. It has absolutely changed my life.

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