Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Whatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsawhatsa up TERRACONNECT!

Hey hey hey everybody my name is Do Kwon and I am coming from Korea and let me tell you guys that I am so excited, I am so happy, I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing, glorious, super, and exciting moment of my life with all of you guys, and let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it, the world is not anymore the way it used to be, mmm mmm, No! No! No! TERRACONNECT!

Wow! TERRACONNECT! We are coming and we are coming in waves! We are starting and we are watching go all over the world! We are pelting the entire world! Let me tell you guys that I started 137 days ago with only $25,610 and right now I am earning 20% guaranteed yield! Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah Whats up?

And let me tell you that I am actually earning around one hun- I mean $1,400 on an every day basis, seven days a week!

What? I am right now independently, financially independently. I am saying to so many people who say that this was going to be con artist game, that this was gonna be a scammer game, “Hey! You’re gonna lose all your money!” My wife still doesn’t believe in me! I’m telling him “Oh honey, this is real!” “Oh no no no no no, that’s a scam!” And I said “But wait I’m gonna go to the bank and I’m gonna get my UST and I’m actually gonna turn it into dollars, here there right on the table!” “No, that’s money you took from another account!” And I’ll say “What am I gonna do? Then I said to myself, “You know what? When I am starting to put $10,000 a day on her, right on her, you know on her table.” Then she’s gonna say “Woah!” Hahaha! Yo yo yo yo yo! “OK that’s real!” Hahahaha!

So guys, I’m gonna tell you something. Faith and believe is the one thing that we will need to be able to change the world, and right now I believe that in this room, we have the seed that’s gonna germinate and is going to explode into an amazing opportunity for us to change this entire world. I am so proud, I am so honored, I am so excited to be here right now and let me tell you something, that each and every one of you has the opportunity to become like those amazing people that we know here from Vietnam.

Hey hey! My group from Vietnam! Making so much money that it could probably that could probably have a real hard time counting it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So guys, let me tell you, I love, TERRRRAACONNEEEECT!

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