I love round numbers – if you’re a Moon or two away from the next big milestone (10, 100, 1000 etc) post and I’ll tip you!


As per the title, if you’re a Moon or two away from the next big milestone, post here and I’ll push you over the line.

Just some basic rules :

I won’t tip more than two moons it has to be a proper milestone – 750 would for example not be a milestone, but 800 would. I won’t tip to people with more moons than me I will tip people with zero moons, but not when it’s a new account Depending on how popular this gets, I won’t let my balance go below 10,000 (otherwise I’d have huge OCD issues).

I will check the thread periodically through the day, and will reply once I’ve tipped.

No sob stories or any other nonsense required. Just a Moon balance teetering on the edge of greatness.

OK, let’s go!


I’ve not been following my rules very well. Have made a few donations. To share more fairly, I will try and stick to the 1 / 2 rule – unless it’s a huge milestone

Update 2:

Post was removed by bot mod, but seems to have been reopened. I am going through comments as fast as I can.

Update 3:

I’m going to have to stop tipping people with 0 moons at the moment. Too many and I can’t easily check for duplicate accounts.

42 moons left.

I am being quite strict now…

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