I love Bitcoin! But there is a big ratio of hardcore BTC holders that treat all Altcoins as they shouldn’t even exist in the first place.


I noticed over the last couple of years since I track cryptocurrency in more detail that there is a rather large group of old school Bitcoin investors and hardcore fanatics that have a very low opinion on every other coin that exists beside Bitcoin and many of them treat these coins as ultimative shitcoins no matter what kind of use cases and innovations they bring to the blockchain community as a whole.

Even starting a simple discussion about the benefits of using POS triggers a wave of negative comments and opinions.

I just don’t understand that attitude as this is the complete opposite od the general idea that Satoshi brought up with this in the first place.

It just feels like a big competition to them as they are sometimes threatened that somebody will actually flip Bitcoin in the future…

I get a feeling as many of these hardcote users would rather eliminate all other projects and many of them can’t wait to see some of the big ones to fail.

I just feel that this attitude is wrong as it won’t bring any advanced discoveries and developments to the blockchain going forward.

Not sure if its only me that has this feeling, but its something that just doesn’t make any sense.

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