I lied and told everyone I was done with Crypto


I found it hard not to talk about crypto lately but something my friend said got me thinking. Basically when BTC went down lately I sent him a funny tweet declaring bitcoin dead. He said “oh no I’m sorry” thinking it died. I told him no it didn’t die. He was still worried and said “how much would you lose if bitcoin went under”? All of this made me realize a lot of people don’t understand anything at all. Since that is the case, I don’t want to hear their comments because one of two things will happen. One, in the future when everything moons they will look at me and think I am rich. I will be rich, so why do I want them to know about that and know my business? Two, any time there is a crypto crash, which is normal, they will think I am stupid because of it or make false assumptions. It just suddenly dawned on me that I can have no good come of talking about crypto to these people. So today I told them all that I am done with crypto. They think I just came to my senses about a foolish mistake and moved on from crypto. I haven’t left crypto, and I’m not going to, but now I do it in secret! I am glad I finally realized this.

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