I know it is pumping don’t let the FOMO get to you


The market is pumping now and some of you might have FOMO kicking in and thinking boy we are getting back to a bull run now. Let me tell you, there are many fakeouts in a bear market, this might as well be one of those.

The general sentiment isn’t all that good now. Food crisis, war, gas prices, and many more issues. I would never FOMO at times like these and I hope this post can help you guys calm down a little. If you have a plan stick to it. Never let your emotions get the better of you. Best investors are ones who do not put their emotions into their investment. I have made this mistake many times and I will do my best not to make the same mistake again.

Good luck to you all, I hope the best for each and every one of you. Except for those scammers that are about to send me DMs after this post. God I hate you guys.

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