I just went all in into Squid Game


I have had my eyes on Squid Game token for a long time. Haven’t looked much into the white paper, but here’s the gist of it – you can’t sell, not for the next 3 years.

Yes, you read that right. This only means one thing. THE ONLY WAY IS UP!!! No selling means no losses. This seems perfect to me. If you’re not getting in now, you’re literally missing out on a huuuge opportunity.

Edit – 2 hours. My portfolio doubled!!! I literally made thousands of dollars in a couple hours.

Edit 2 – Good morning gents. Guess what? We are in the hundred thousand dollar range. And still going up 😀 :D. Thank god I took this risk.

Edit 3 – Holy shit holy shit holy shit. My portfolio is close to a million. MY PORTFOLIO. Which had NEVER seen a hundred thousand. It’s now 800 thousand.

Edit 4 – I am now a crypto millionaire. 12 MILLION, to be exact. Tbh, y’all can s*** my d*** for doubting my investment, while I browse my yacht catalogue.

Edit – I won’t be investing in crypto anymore. It’s literally a pyramid scheme – whales manipulating the market and rugpulling us. No thanks to this sub for making me lose all my life’s savings.

Edit – Y’all need to get in on ElonSperm. Either that, or you hate making money. See you on the moon.

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