I just wanted to say thank you to Kraken. Of everything that’s happened this bear market Kraken has stayed solid AF.


Coinbase insider trading.

Binance continuing their sketchiness.

Several coins tanking and losing a lot of people a lot of money.

Several swaps getting hacked.

It’s been a wild/rough couple weeks/months for some. However, through out this whole thing one thing has stayed sturdy. Kraken. Customer service on point. No glaring worries. Kraken will be my main exchange going forward.

(This isn’t a shill I’m really just clinging to the one rock I have left lol) Kraken is like that dog that’s always excited to see you. Everything else in life may suck but you know they are right there at home ready for you. They won’t do anything too amazing but day in and day out I know I can just sit there with Kraken and my dog and feel okay.

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