I just took another huge loan out to buy crypto currency, please ask Amy anything.


I took the advice of another OP with balls of steel. Here are the reasons why it’s ok to do what I did.

My wife hates crypto and she’s already mad the other 2 loans didn’t go as planned. So she’s already mad at me what’s another 40k

I got a really good rate 10.00% but this is actually a good thing because Jpow is raising rates by 1000 basis points, I found a code in his writings and if you add it up, it makes sense.

Hey at least I didn’t take my loans out at 69k nice.

My wife and kids don’t really need money because I quit my job to trade on my computer FULL TIME, with all of this time to look at charts and get gains.

I didn’t post a reply to my own post last time, that was another OP, redit gets hacked some times.

It’s got to be the bottom, please be the bottom, it’s the fucking bottom guys.

Statistics show that bitcoin bear markets are shorter as time goes on, 100k EOY, the lines showed a serious SpongeBob pattern this is big.

Debt is actually a reverse DCA into the market, so the more debt the more reverse gains I get.

Ok I’m done.

Edit: this post is making fun of the crypto loan guy, his last post he got caught not remembering switching to his alt and left a comment calling himself a “fucking legend” now I’m just dunking on him, but let’s hope BTC goes back to 50k so he’s not a complete asshole 🙂 good luck loan dude

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