I just sold my final bag of Cardano.


I have been testing various chains for most of the year, and concluded that Cardano just did not have anything left to offer that was enough competition to the other chains.

I made the decision to DCA out a few months ago, and have just unloaded my final bag today. My average cost was around 80c, and my average sale price was about $2. So I’m still well into the money. The funds were reinvested into other projects and are all doing much better than Cardan, so they’re justified swaps for now at least.

I just think this project has run out of time and energy. There are too many competitors offering faster and cheaper alternatives. As well as lucrative clients, NFT setups, aesthetics, good wallet platforms and app integrations.

I feel a little sad to be honest as it was originally a project that showed so much promise but in the end seems to have run out of time. There is just too much work to catch-up to it’s rivals, and the focus from the top does not seem to be in line with these goals.

While I obviously hope I have made the right decision for myself, I want to wish the best of luck to the remaining holders.

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