I just sold all my crypto


I was fortunate enough to enter crypto near the bottom of the May dip. My investments have doubled. I needed the money to help me leave my job (I need to pay up an equivalent of my yearly salary for breaching my 4 year bond tenure by quitting early). I was a kid in college when I signed the bond, and didn’t realise what locking myself in a place for 4 years in a low-paying job could do. While I will have absolutely no savings once I’m done paying off my bond, the fact is that Crypto has let me change my life and take risks to pursue better opportunities. I’ve managed to get all my (soon-to-be-former) colleagues into the crypto boat back in May, and they all expect to be able to pay off their bond and look for better opportunities as well.

A huge thanks to all the people in this sub for being my entry point into the world of crypto! I learnt the importance of DYOR, and other acronyms like HODL. The potential insult of having “paper hands” is what pushed me to hold on until now and nor sell when crypto didn’t seem to be recovering from the May dip.

I hope that I make enough money in my new job to get back into the crypto space, which I genuinely think is still only in its infancy stages of changing the world (with the potential to do a lot, lot more).

Until then, thank you all!

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