I just found an 18 word recovery phrase from years ago


Okay so recently I got a couple of my old computers fixed. I’m not sure how it happened but on my main computer I had windows reinstalled, so when I downloaded google chrome it uploaded a ton of my old bookmarks from years ago. After looking through a ton of them today and deleting them one by one I was seeing tons of those old BTC coin ad sites where you could watch ads and earn tiny amounts of BTC. Not gonna lie I was a little sadge knowing that if I would have bought even a tiny amount of BTC back then it would have blown up. But then I noticed something. A random saved bookmark was just seemingly random words. 18 of them in fact.

I knew what this meant. I knew I had never purchased any BTC, but the thought of getting any free crypto made me pretty excited. And so after some google searching I found out how to recover my account.

Basically after seeing another post on reddit I followed this link and put in my mnemonic phrase. It basically gave me my old account password. Thankfully I remembered my email, and yeah…I just logged into my account and found 120 dollars USD BTC sitting in my account and 1.62 of BTC Cash in there as well. I know this isn’t an amazing huge amount or anything, but this felt like some Nicholas Cage National Treasure shit to me. If you ever find an old phrase sitting around somewhere, hopefully this helps you!

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