I just found 0.33 BTC in my old bitcoin.de account


I first got into Crypto in 2013, buying BTC on the German exchange bitcoin.de. I used the exchange for 5 purchases until the BTC bubble popped in November 2013 and crypto winter started. I didn’t touch my BTC until I learned about Ethereum and decided to go all in with my BTC bag, because I didn’t really have enough faith left in bitcoin. I opened a poloniex account and transfered what I thought was all of my BTC to buy ETH, which was obviously not the worst decision in my life. But that’s another story.

Today I decided to go through all my old exchange accounts that I haven’t used in years, just to check if there were any airdroped coins that I wasn’t aware of. I went through poloniex, bittrex and bitcoin.de. For some reason, I really can’t remember why, I must have not sent all my BTC funds to poloniex back in 2016. So I just ended up finding 0.33 BTC and some fractions of forked shitcoins like BCH, BTG and BSV.

Crypto is a pretty weird space to be in and this is another proof to me that it gets weirder every day. I just wanted to share this with you guys and I think I’ll spend the next few hours on researching which charity I can support with, let’s say at least 50% of this happy surprise.

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