I hope everything you hold does a 10x.


If I could describe so much of the worlds pain and division today I would put it into one word: Tribalism. Tribalism is the idea that “my tribe” is better than yours because of xyz. Going into the crypto space I thought it’d be different but people are people I guess. So to you reading this right now…

I hope every coin you hold does a 10x

I hope you buy that Lamborghini or Tesla or just the car of your dreams

I hope you pay off all your debt- every single damn one

I hope you buy the perfect house for your family- all in cash

I hope your gains pay for that family members medical bill or that much needed car repair

I hope you launch your dream career or open your dream business

I hope you find financial freedom

I hope you bless that charity

I hope you can finally pay the legal fees to adopt that child

I hope you send your kids off to college for a life better than the one you had

I hope you thank those who believed in you

I hope the HODLing and the ups and downs are worth it all

I hope everything you own does a 10x and more

I hope the absolute best for you

Good night!

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