I have read the White Paper of Shiba Inu, so you won’t have to.


So, the current consensus in the sub is that Shiba Inu is a shitcoin. But is it really? This is what the White Paper says.


Kidding aside. Here are the Fundamentals of a Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Specs

As you can see, the Fundamentals of Shiba Inu is very solid. Height and Weight are fit for a lot of households, with a life span that is quite more than Average (more time for belly rubs and head pats). It doesn’t require much exercise, just enough to take your fat ass out of the couch, and it doesn’t bother your neighbors very much. They are easy to groom, and could live on a variety of climates, but shedding could be an issue for you.

But they are a really good boi. Very active, playful, intelligent, and loyal. And as you could see they are very very cute.

I can’t believe they made the Shiba Inu coin into a real Dog

So, is it recommended to buy Shiba Inu? Despite what the HATERS say here and all that “Market Cap” Crap that Shiba Inu won’t reach $1, Shiba Inu puppies actually sell for $1,500 – $2,500. I suppose they are very expensive because of the hype.

If you do get a Shiba, for the love of god treat it well. Get it vaccinated, play with them often, groom dem fur, and provide them with every necessary thing they may need. They are an amazing dog so please treat them well.

TLDR: Read the flair.

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