I have my own fear and I call it FOTP – fear of taking profits


So my biggest fear is actually taking profits. It sounds silly but bear with me.

Most of the time when I did that the price continued rising and I would start sweating, watching the charts all the time, cursing myself for selling, buying at a higher price and it kinda left an impact on me.

I was hodling in May and June 2021, without any panic, fear, fud or anything similar to that.

I was fine with all of it because in the worst case scenario I was thinking that I will just lose the money that I can afford to lose, and in the best case scenario the prices will rise again and I will earn more then I invested. I invested my money in good projects and that made me super calm about the whole situation.

But now I have a feeling that we are closer and closer to get some good gains and my fear is starting to mess with me again. I need a better exit strategy honestly, but it is so hard. I was thinking to start DCAing out bit by bit, and if the price goes down just buy it again. DCA in, DCA out, but still, I will be honest, I am terrified when it comes to selling.

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