I have given the Reddit hivemind control of my portfolio – day 3 of buying cryptocurrency using an algorithm that analyses Reddit crypto sentiment


I recently build a cryptocurrency trading algorithm that buys coins based on hot posts and their sentiment in relevant subreddits.

I decided to bite the bullet and to let it run for a few days and see what happens. I have given the reddit hivemind control over my crypto portfolio as an experiment as well as a curiosity.

Here’s my current portfolio after letting the bot run for a few days: BTC, ETH, ALGO, XLM, ADA, SOL.

And here’s the kicker – it did not bankrupt me, it did not buy unknown shitcoins – it didn’t do any of these things. It broke even for now.

If anything, I’m surprised of the overall sentiment and quality of post: No DOGE, SIHBA or other shitcoins were picked, good job reddit 🙂

The bot analyses the top 10 posts in hot, and checks for keywords from the top 40 coins by marketcap. If there’s a match with positive sentiment in any of the posts, the bot will buy.

I’ll keep this running for the next week or so and will keep posting my results.

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