I have called it a day


Exactly what it says.

I have gained over 300% profit from crypto, so I have called time on my journey for now. I have made enough for a house deposit and a family member offered to double it if I took my gains now whilst the increase in profit is through the roof as there is a stock market correction around the corner.

It was all thanks to Solana, so thank you SOL. Yeah it may moon some more but I have got out of it all what I wanted, so I can’t complain.

I have only my staked ETH which I can’t remove but hey…hopefully in 2022 when ETH 2.0 gets released I can refit the house.

It’s been a stressful journey and a fun one at the same time and I wish everyone a safe and pleasant journey.

Keep hodling your bags until you hit the magic number.

Peace out and keep staring at the charts.

Oh and may the moons grow some more and I can have a refit in 2025

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