I have attempted to become the thing that I swore to destroy, and I’m sorry.


Logged into Binance the other day for the first time in a while. Had $25 in random cryptos, forks and airdrops that I turned to BNB.

I YOLO’d that whole fucking $25 into a shitcoin called ELONBALLS at the top.

I was like hell yeah, of course ELONBALLS is the next Shib, like look at all the Pokelons this rugpuller worked so hard on.

I mean, it was crypto I didn’t know I had, so I was like whatever. Should’ve just bought more MATIC or ETH or DOT or something or dive into LRC. But noooo.

I’ve been in this space for a while, and I wasn’t smart and decided to gamble.

But the ELONBALLS will be in my degenerate MetaMask wallet, here to stay, as a reminder of the time I tried to become Jeff Bezos

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