I got in for the money but stayed for the tech. Crypto technologies are AMAZING!


Even while I still enjoy the money, it’s a wonderful reward, it’s the technology that keeps me engaged! All of these crypto techs provide a domain in which these antiquated systems may be upgraded in a fashion that is more efficient for information access, transparent and verifiable, and safe.

The technology makes investigating projects more intriguing, however, it’s a shame that nowadays, the buzz may attract far more investors than a good concept. It’s also challenging to find the appropriate one.

Here are some examples:

I’m currently holding ALGO, ETH, and XLM, ANATHA and even staking with Binance and Celsius.

I bought ALGO because I wanted to be able to vote in the government. I’m saving ETH because I want to participate in consensus, which is currently not an active thing. ANATHA is an intriguing project, especially because the concept is about Universal Basic Income. I purchase and sell XLM because of the value it provides, and I contribute some benefit to the project in the form of fees by utilizing it to move money around, even if I don’t hold the lumens long term.

For the time being, we must DYOR and pay attention as only time will tell whether which one is correct.

So there you have it. Money is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy a good profit. But there are a few of us here who stayed for the technology.

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