I gave financial advice to my beginner friend to sell SHIB and allocate that money to other projects before the price jumped. AMA


My friend, whom I introduced to the crypto world, was and remained only interested in SHIB.

Every time when we would go out, he would keep talking about SHIB.

At first it was funny to me, since he is a beginner, and later I gave him advice to allocate that money to other projects.

By the way, he invested around 2500 euros, and if you think that he invested low ammount let me tell you that his monthly salary is 450 euros.

Well, I am grateful because he did not listen to me.

Point of the story – do not give advice to anyone when it comes to money, let people do whatever they want with their own money.

By the way, I have been in the crypto world for about two years now, and he is 4 months in it and his portfolio is worth x14 times more than mine.

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