I gave each of my dogs $100 to invest in crypto. I will give them the rewards when they turn 18 (~3 dog years)


Being a man of science who also loves his dogs and crypto, this was an opportunity I could not pass on. Like the title says, I “gave” each of my dogs $100 to invest in crypto and plan on giving them the rewards (probably in the form of special treats, food, toys) when they reach the appropriate age.

For practical reasons I did not create accounts for them in an exchange, we will be using my account instead and I will be managing their funds for the time being. Just imagining how long the verification (kyc) process would take for them gave me a headache. Moreover, my dogs are still not very good using the keyboard or touchscreens, so it made more sense for me to do it.

Even though I am technically managing the funds for them, they were actually the ones who decided which projects were worth investing in. In order to save time I decided it would be best to show them the logo of each crypto and read them the name, if they barked, that meant they wanted me to buy some. I decided to allocate their $100 in three equal parts among the first 3 projects they barked at. This way they would have a diverse portfolio.

The results were the following:

Gandalf the Beagle (DOGE, CAKE, SHIBA) Attila the Pug (DOGE, BAT, ADA)

Like I said, the decision was theirs, I have to respect it. Gandalf was probably just hungry at the moment and thought I was offering him cake and the sight of a doge and shiba dogs made him happy. Attila probably chose doge for the same reason, and I guess he reacted at the word “bat” because he hates bats. At first I was surprised when he chose ADA. I thought he had probably been reading up on the project and read about the smart contracts being implemented today. Now I just thing he though I said “ADA BOYYY”.

I will let you know how these investments turn out, remember it’s important to think about your pets’ financial future as well.

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