I FOMOed into LRC a week ago and I’m disappointed in ALL of you for lying to me.


I’m only up 25% now despite being promised 10x gainz in a week. What a waste of my time.

. . . /s

In reality, I’m still pretty excited about the technology potential for once, as opposed to most of my other FOMOs. I do think it will 10x one day, even if it’s not this week. I’m always happy when hype and actual usability join forces in the crypto world. Last time I had this feeling was when I bought ETH in the $300 range.

I’ve also never visited the Loopring sub because I feel like I get a better read on the pros and cons from this sub. There are more than a few of you out there that really care about informing the rest of us as well as you can, so thank you for that.

On that note, I’m curious about the last time you felt this way about a coin. Were you right? Did the project make it, die off, or stagnate?

I try to stay pretty up to date on new projects (even though 90% of my portfolio is BTC/ETH) but there are so many that I know I miss. Just going to hear some stories to add to my collection to help me better spot winners and losers in the future.

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