I finally took out my initial investment and 90% of my stress surrounding my portfolio has left


As the title says I feel like I have just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I always remember to invest only what I can afford and this is exactly what I had done. But saying this, the thought of losing any amount of money let alone in the thousands isn’t a good one. I’ve always heard people say to take profit but I have for some time now been a die hard HODLER. I was sitting at work thinking when I thought “as soon as X coin hits a certain amount I am going to sell my initial investment” that I made at the beginning of this year. The best feeling is that selling it didn’t even effect my overall portfolio value by 10%. To those out there that are on the fence about taking profits or getting their investment back, go for it, it’s amazing feeling knowing that the rest of your portfolio is pure profit.

Has anyone else taken profits lately? If so how are you feeling about it now?

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